NanoVib: A mighty tool for precise imbalance measurement

Rotor imbalances in wind turbines are a frequently overlooked issue, often resulting in unacceptable vibration levels that can lead to damages and yield loss.

NanoVib provides a straightforward solution to these problems. In comparison to other vibration meters, it stands out for its compact size and user-friendly design.

Tailored specifically for service companies, NanoVib is the optimal choice for addressing aerodynamic and mass imbalances, ensuring the overall performance and yield of wind turbines. This precision instrument allows for the recording and analysis of acceleration vibrations, detecting amplitudes as low as 0.5 mm/s² within a frequency range of 0 to 250 Hz.

For added convenience, measurements can be initiated remotely through the integrated W-Lan connection. This feature proves crucial in scenarios where access to the nacelle during measurements is restricted.

Trainings for best results

The NanoVib is one of the most uncomplicated measuring devices ever. Nevertheless, the power of this measuring device can be significantly increased with a little more background knowledge.

Luckily, you don't have to invest time and money to reinvent vibration measurement. We are happy to offer you personal trainings on how to use the NanoVib and the associated software.

This knowledge enables your team to balance rotors of different manufacturers and without external help.


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