Rotor repair and maintenance

Due to their size, rotor blades are exposed to extreme aerodynamic and gravitational forces. They are also attacked by environmental influences such as erosion and lightning. Due to the high number of operating hours per year, these stresses act almost continuously for decades.

Against this background, it is not surprising that the blades always have some small and sometimes also bigger damages. A regular inspection of the rotor protects against yield losses and high repair costs.  

Fortunately, almost all damage to rotor blades can be repaired directly on the turbine when the blade is installed. This saves the extraordinarily high costs of a high crane, the dismantling of a blade or even a new blade.

In most cases, even the most extensive damage, which extends over many square metres and penetrates the entire blade shell, can be repaired. Some of these repairs can be carried out by rope access with particularly little effort. If this is not possible, working platforms are used.

Over the past 25 years, cp.max has gained experience in numerous major repairs on a wide variety of rotor blade types. We benefit from the fact that we cooperate closely with renowned rotor blade designers and manufacturers. This allows us to take a comprehensive view of the damage and the repair. By bundling the know-how from design, manufacturing and repair, causes can be investigated and the repair can be adjusted accordingly.

Sometimes it also proves necessary to modify the structure of the blade to prevent the damage from recurring. Through such individually adapted repairs, it is often possible to restore blades that initially appeared irreparable. Therefore, do not hesitate to have your rotor blades inspected by us!


Our flexibly deployable teams carry out the following repair tasks for you:

  • Professional repair of almost all damages in the blade shell structure and of damages of the bonding lines
  • Repair of erosion damages and installation of erosion protection foils
  • Maintenance and repair of the lightning protection system of the rotor blades
  • Repair of damaged flow elements
  • Maintenance of the tip mechanism and, if required, installation and removal of blade tip brakes

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