Practical and theoretical trainings

Professional inspections and repairs of rotor blades require a comprehensive background knowledge of the design, the used materials and the manufacturing process.

Together with one of the leading rotor blade designers, the WINDnovation Engineering Solutions GmbH, cp.max offers a unique training program as part of their RotorExperts joint venture. In this way, the partners many years of experience are used to understand all steps in a rotor blades lifetime. This is special because usually there is no exchange between rotor blade designers, operators and service companies.

One great benefit is for example that connections between manufacturing defects, resulting damages during operation and necessary repairs can be considered.

RotorExperts offers worldwide practice-oriented trainings for the optimization of rotor blade productions, the inspection and the repair of rotor blades. Beside important theoretical foundations, the training courses provide practical skills for the production, repair and inspection of rotor blades.

In addition we also assist our customers with complex repair and retrofit projects.

More information you can find on the homepage of RotorExperts.