Photometric measurements

Detection of blade angle misalignment within one blade set – Reduction of rotor caused vibrations

The experience of the last decade showed that incorrect adjusted blade angles are detected very often. Deviations of the rotor blade angles within one rotor blade set are very problematic for the structure of the wind turbine because vibrations in rotor frequency are induced. This leads to massive additional wear of the meachanical components.

A deviation of the blade angles of more than 0.4 ° can already lead to a significant aerodynamic rotor imbalance. This imbalance can be avoided by checking the synchronous adjustment of the rotor blades.
On base of our long-term experiences we are able to realize the blade angle measurement with an accuracy of ± 0.1°. So, we precisely detect whether the rotor blades are optimally adjusted or not.

Detection of wrong offset blade angle adjustment – Power optimization

Wrong adjusted blade angles potentially cause significant power loss of the turbine and reduction of the energy yield. With our measurement method the offset angles and the blade twist of rotor blades can be analysed. This is the base for optimal offset angle adjustment of the rotor blades.

Measurement of several geometric parameters of the rotor blades

Beside the described blade angle measurement also the following geometric parameters can be checked:

» Normative-actual value comparison of the profile parameters
» Normative-actual value comparison of the blade twist
» Normative-actual value comparison of the blade length

We are offering measures to solve your problems concerning energy yield losses and (remarkable) vibrations caused by the rotor blades of your wind turbine!

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