WIntFlap project progress

08/07/2017 13:53

During the last years numerous scientific projects were simulating the effects of trailing edge flaps (TEF) for wind turbines. But just a few managed to get a step closer to a prototype or full scale test.

In 2015 WINDnovation, cp.max Rotortechnik, the Institute for Fluid Power Dresden and the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden teamed up to develop a fibre reinforced TEF, an unique joint to the rotor blade and a hydraulic actuator. Beyond the theoretical development this system was integrated in a rotor blade segment of 6 m length.

During the last month this system was tested for reliability in millions of load cycles. Furthermore a lightning protection test was carried out in cooperation with the Technical University Darmstadt.

Now all the collected information are getting evaluated and we are excited to present them to you soon.


files/content/News/WIntFlap/WIntFlap Teststand1.jpgfiles/content/News/WIntFlap/WIntFlap Blitztest1.jpg

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