See you on MDR TV!

11/05/2019 14:44

In recent months, we have been quite surprised by the strong interest in our work by various media.
After an article about our activities appeared in a newspaper last year, an editor of the radio station MDR Aktuell became aware of us. There was a radio report, which was aired in early June. Here the listeners could imagine the work of a mechanic on the rotor of a wind turbine.

Through this radio contribution, a colleague from MDR television became aware of us and our field of expertise. Quickly a suitable repair project could be found and one of our teams met the  colleagues of MDR in a wind farm. They equipped our team with helmet cameras and microphones and curiously documented every step from the installation of the rope access to the preparation of the repair materials. Even the work on the rotor blade at about 100 meters height was documented with a drone camera.

The weather and landscape was a special eye-candy on this day: the sky was bright blue and, despite the sunshine, interspersed with dramatic dark clouds ...

The TV report was aired on the 26.11. show "Umschau" on MDR television.

Now the programme is available in the MDR media library.


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