Higher, further, bigger …

09/01/2018 09:13

Wind turbines have grown significantly during the past 30 years. At the beginning of the nineties of the last century their hub height was not more than 40 meters. Today a lot of turbines have got towers with a height of more than 120 meters. A similar development was achieved concerning the rotor blades. They were growing from about 15 m to more than 70 meters. This rapid technical development enables modern turbines to harvest more than 25 times the energy of the turbines 30 years ago.

Last month cp.max inspected the rotor blades of the world's currently highest wind turbine in Gaildorf near Stuttgart. It has a dizzying hub height of 178 meters and a rotor diameter of 137 meters.

But also the rotor of this unusual high plant could be inspected precisely, safely and cost-effectively by the rope access technology, optimized by cp.max for more than 20 years. It enables flexible working on a wide range of turbine types, regardless of their location and size. On the other hand, the professional work on the rope requires a comprehensive theoretical and practical training, a lot of practice and a high degree of physical and mental fitness.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of rope access technology on wind turbines and the repair of rotor blades! Every year we climb more than 1000 turbines for inspections and repair more than 400 blade sets. That is why we are very familiar with all blade and turbine types.

By the way: the four new turbines of Max Bögl Wind AG near Gaildorf have another outstanding feature beside their extreme height. They can store electrical energy by using an integrated water storage and thus contribute to the stabilization of the power grid.



Fotocredit: Max Bögl Wind AG / Fotograf: Reinhard Mederer

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