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06/28/2019 14:54

The exit from using brown coal for electricity production is discussed critically in Germany these days. One of the biggest complains is the loss of jobs in this sector. On the other hand, it has to be acknowledged that renewable energies created a much larger number of jobs within the last two decades (see the chart on the right).

And in future more and more people will be employed in the field of wind-, solar-, water- and bioenergy. Also the number of employees at cp.max increased continuously during the last 20 years. And constantly we are looking for more motivated technicians and blade inspectors.

Our personnel manager Ms. Rietze explains the possibilities and challenges of working on the rotor blade:

Ms. Rietze, what does a typical working week of a technician/ inspector at cp.max look like?

On Friday, the technicians/ inspectors get the work order for the coming week. On the following Monday morning, the teams start with their service cars to the respective wind farms. A team usually consists of two or three technicians. They carry out the repair (or the inspection) mostly on their individual responsibility. But of course, they can also rely on the help of their colleagues in the office.

If the organization of the project allows it the technicians can be at home on the weekend. However, this is not always possible depending on the place and extent of work. If colleagues have to work on the weekend it is taken into account by appropriate weekend and holiday bonuses.

What is it like to work on a mounted rotor blade?

First the colleagues go up to the nacelle of the turbine (usually there is a lift) and attach the ropes which are used to access the blades. Then a colleague uses a winch to go up from the ground to the repair spot (or inspects the blade). He must already carry the required material and tools with him. Hanging on the rope the repair is done at a dizzy height.

That sounds like a physically and mentally demanding task.

Definitely. Our technicians need a solid fitness, strong nerves and they have to feel ok when working at heights.

What does this job offer in return?

This work is interesting for active people who want to work mentally and physically and who enjoy being in nature. For many people the inspection of a 150-meter-high wind turbine can be more exciting and rewarding than a day in the office. In general, in this job you can have experiences like in no other, for example the workplace with the best view.

Most of the time, the colleagues are also working independently. In the wind farm, you can concentrate on your task without anyone intervening. You also do not have to take care of other tasks at the same time.

Many colleagues also appreciate the opportunity to discover other countries during a project abroad. Beside our European neighboring countries we have already had projects in the US, Panama, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan and many more.

Certainly you need extensive qualifications for this unusual job.

Indeed, for processing fibre reinforced plastics and to work on wind turbines by rope access you need an extensive training and you have to collect numerous certificates. However, it is quite normal for us that very few new employees at cp.max already have all these qualifications. Most of the necessary skills are taught through our internal training. The training for climbing on the rope takes place in our house too, but is carried out by a specialized company.

Of course, it is also pleasant for us if applicants already have fundamental experience in working with fiber-reinforced-plastics or climbing with a rope.

What is the easiest way to apply at cp.max?

Via our homepage! www.cpmax.com/en/jobs.html

Usually rotor blades get inspected and repaired by using rope access.

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