Aerodynamic optimization

Problem – Loss of energy yield caused by flow separation at rotor blades

Due to structural needs most rotor blades of wind turbines are characterised by a suboptimal aerodynamic shape in the root area. Here massive flow separation and cross flow appears. These flow phenomena act like an aerodynamic brake and lead to a loss of the energy yield. If you do not want to loose any energy we can help you to use the full potential of your rotor blades!

Solution – Our power.up package

» Clever – Specific measures
Flow separation can be reduced by specific modification of rotor blades with individually adapted flow elements. A significant improvement of the energy yield is achievable. Our power.up package includes an analysis of the original flow conditions of the rotor blades. Based on this an individual modification is developed and installed. Reliable information about the realized improvements will be obtained by a detailed power analysis. This is performed by comparing the energy yield of the modified wind turbine with a not modified reference turbine in direct proximity.

» Strong – Long-term experiences, energy improvements up to 5 %
Since many years we realize projects including flow analysis and optimization. A lot of wind turbines have been modified with our power.up package and the influence on energy yield was analysed over several years. Our long-term experiences show that an increase of energy yield up to 5 % can be realized.

» Cost efficient – Very short payback time
Depending on the wind conditions on site the costs of our power.up package will pay for itself within one or two years of operation.


Improvement of energy yield caused by optimization measures at different wind speeds

(example, 1.5-MW-wind-turbine)

Improvement of energy yield caused by optimization measures over several years

(example, 1.5-MW-wind-turbine)


If you have any questions regarding the aerodynamic optimization or if you would like to find out more about the potential of your wind farm regarding optimization, please contact our specialist Mathias Hillmann.

The information on this page can be downloaded in form of a product sheet following this link.