Research partner cp.max

„Progress is only possible through change.“

cp.max doesn't just rely on the current state of repair and inspection technology. From the very beginning, we have developed new processes and technologies with the help of our practical know-how. This contributes to the efficiency of our work and the performance of wind turbines.

That's why we are always interested in exciting research projects on the subject of wind energy. Are you still looking for a research partner with the following know-how? Then contact us!

Our core competences for research projects:

  • Inspection of rotor blades of any size, using various access techniques (rope access, work platform, drone inspection)
  • Repair of rotor blades (and other components made of fiber-reinforced plastics)
  • Assessment of damage to rotor blades
  • Know-how for the construction of all types of rotor blades
  • Vibration measurement and balancing of the rotor (with self-developed measuring device)
  • Aerodynamic optimization of rotor blades through the installation of flow elements (e.g. vortex generators, serrations)
  • Good contacts with manufacturers of wind turbines, system operators and blade designers

An experienced partner

Since 2011 we have participated in more than 12 research projects. Our research partners were primarily universities and scientific institutes from the fields of materials research and aerodynamics. We also worked with other companies from the wind energy and sensor technology sectors.

In previous projects we have also gained experience with the following funding programs and project sponsors: ZIM, DBU, SAB, BMWI, BMBF, VDI/VDE, PTJ, AiF Projekt GmbH …

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Heinecke

Research and Development

Telefon: 0351 85 89 345 0